Customise your ceiling fan

Quite often we see a product that we like, but it talks to us in style, rather that colour, use rather than size. Wouldn’t it be great if we could choose the way we want a fan to look instead of settling for a finish we want a little altered? Well, we are all in luck, and especially so, just in time for the summer heat, because Solent is allowing customers to customise their ceiling fans. This is so exciting. Instead of looking up at the style we kinda, sorta liked – and our partner ended up picking because you just couldn’t make the choice, now you get to find a style that suits your taste to a tee. Solent ceiling fans are available in exclusive styles and colours and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They deliver highly effective cooling methods to any space and can be customised for virtually any décor and lifestyle. They win the game when it comes to innovation, because you will never replace or buy a new fan once you’ve inserted their products in your space. If something ever breaks or loses function, Solent has spares readily available for all their fans, so you will never have to waste money going through the process all over again.

Build your own. Create your vision. #BuildAFan


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