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House Tour: Factory loft

Sparse, but in the most deluxe way, this former biscuit factory in Florence historic center in Italy, had the attics recovered and transformed by Studio Q-bic, in a multi-functional loft. Many solutions are deliberately economic as the use of many pallets in all areas, as a leitmotif, becoming sofa, bathroom furniture, frame and slats for bed. Earthy, untouched wood slates spearhead the roof as it leads to a spacious skylight, providing natural warm light to the loft. Following the trend of slates in the ceiling, the loft lends its linear composition to its furniture, using wooden crates for coffee tables and kitchen storage, making for a great use of structure and certainty in each room.  Factory Loft4 Factory Loft1 Factory Loft2 factory Loft3 Via Photos: Alberto Parise Plascon-brown44  

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