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Add Character & Class wih Supreme Mouldings

Give your new home a little old-world charm with beautiful details, moulding and trimwork to enhance your space. A little character can go a long way so don’t settle for generic finishes when you can create a charming interior with the simple use of striking wall panelling and supreme mouldings.

Modern builds often lack charisma and class. Straight-cut walls and ceilings with few memorable details. If you’ve just purchased a new build, do not fret. There are easy ways to add interest to the architecture of your home with basic mouldings and accessories throughout your living spaces.

For the walls, you can certainly add some style with gorgeous wall panelling and moulding to enhance the overall look of your room. There are many options to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites.

Applied Box Moulding

Add wooden strips along an open wall to create a feature in your living room. The wood strips will create panels in the shape of a box – which adds textural appeal and instant class to any room. Paint it a uniform colour. We love a dark shade of grey or black for a beautiful and stylish finish.

Applied Moulding

Similar to Box Moulding, Applied Moulding also used wooden strips along an existing wall. However, instead of box shapes, you can truly create a customised space with various sizes and shapes. There are many options available – so you could opt for a traditional look or choose a modern approach with streamlined moulding for a classic design.

Vertical Panelling

This type of panelling is often seen within coastal and beach-style houses. Here, vertical wooden panels are inserted to cover a wall and then painted in a stylish colour to suit your interior. The soft wooden finish often lends a space a rich, cottage style ambience. You could choose narrow boards or thicker boards – either will ensure a different look for your home.

Horizontal Panelling

Similar to vertical panelling, horizontal panelling incorporates applied strips on a full wall, but in a horizontal pattern. Wide panels often make a room feel and appear bigger and horizontal panels are a great way to achieve this.


This type of panelling covers only a portion of a wall – think a beautiful library or stylish dining room with striking wall moulding along the bottom half of the walls. Paint it in a contrasting colour and let it pop against the back wall.

Choose from a variety of mouldings, trims, frames and accessories to enhance the look of your home. Supreme Mouldings makes it easy with a wide selection in various colours and styles.

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