5 Tips from ACDC Express to Heat your Home this Winter

ACDC Express is all about saving you money, whether it’s on LED lighting, generators, or home heating in winter. Here are five top tips for heating your house this season without the extra expenses: 1. Solar Panels Let’s face it: solar panels are possibly the best way to save money in the home all year long. Eskom estimates that heating water with an electrical element accounts for up to 40% of a household’s energy usage. Therefore, by installing solar panels to heat your water, you would save an enormous amount of money this season (and beyond). What’s even better is that you’ll get a rebate back if you install panels, as Eskom and the Department of Energy want as many homes as possible to have solar power to ease the energy burden. 2. Open the Curtains Fortunately in South Africa, our climate is bearable from January to December with some warmth even in the colder months. Remember to open the curtains in all the rooms of your house before leaving for the day to let the wonderful winter sunshine filter in. 3. Seal Doors and Windows Make sure your windows and doors are sealed properly so that you let as little cold air into your home as possible. You can also attach a sweep to your doors so that a draft can’t enter underneath, either. 4. Air Conditioner Servicing If you’re lucky enough to have an air conditioner, you’ll know that they can heat a room rather efficiently. However, it’s important to have your air conditioner serviced every three to six months to ensure that the air filters are unobstructed so that it can function optimally. Also, if you are looking at getting an air conditioner, modern inverters are much more efficient than traditional ones. 5. Blankets While heaters and air conditioners work wonderfully, there is nothing wrong with curling up on the couch or snuggling up in bed with a few extra blankets to keep the cold away. Go out and get yourself a fleece blanket and make yourself some hot chocolate tonight.

Visit your nearest ACDC Express, your reliable solar panel suppliers, and get your home energy efficient in time for winter.


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