Who is the man behind the brand?

Behind every brand there is a person who has brought an idea into fruition and made it into a commodity that people want, be it a service or a product. Frank Böhm was born and raised by both his parents in Namibia. As a young boy it became evident to them that his passion for art would unfold into something grander. Frank went onto study his BArch at the University of Port Elizabeth, graduating with Cum laude in 1996. Frank has been described as seeing architecture through an artist’s eyes leading him to dabble in all forms of design from large architectural projects to sculpture and furniture design. After having completed his studies Frank went on to gain necessary practical experience for two renowned companies, Stefan Antoni in 1998 and Louis Carol in 2000. As work progressed and evolved, Frank and a good friend of his, Dion Walters merged to form Bömax Architectural Practice focusing on several residential and commercial projects. In 2005 Frank decided to veer onto another path and opened his own practice which is known today as Frank Böhm Studio.

The studio places great value in the honesty of the materials incorporated into the designs so as to celebrate their organic tendencies as opposed to masking them. Steel, brick, timber and concrete are incorporated into all of Frank’s architectural projects, but Frank is not only an architect and his passion for art is explored through furniture design and sculpture. He states ‘I have always loved furniture and making things’. His first piece of furniture made was designed for a close friend out of materials that most South African’s discard as fire wood. This coffee table became known as the Swen table. The Studio has since grown substantially, from Frank taking on the historic Rex Trueform to the largest commercial development in Namibia. The furniture has also grown to over 50 bespoke designs, such as designs ranging from the Studio Catalogue to custom designs for private cliental and commercial projects. Frank thrives on a challenge and the result of such challenges often leads to fresh and exciting ideas. The studio boasts a European design ethos where all types of design are promoted under one roof. This European inspired design studio has been a long term goal for Frank which is now in it’s infancy, but starting to grow substantially. His ideas are inspired by simplicity and practicality. When asked about his work ethics or principles, he replies, “There is no middle ground with design and the outcome of a piece, be it a building or a chair. Something is either right or wrong, straight or skew, deep or shallow, long or short. There are no in-betweens”.
Contact: www.frankbohmstudio.co.za


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