Two Outstanding Brands Unite at Max On Top

Two outstanding brands unite and create sheer, unique perfection. This is what happened with the collaboration of Max on Top and Specialist Furniture Designer, James Mudge.


To find out more about this amazing combination, watch the video of James explaining his reasons as to why he used Fenix NTM® for his latest, stunning kitchen design.

Coming from a long line of cabinet-makers, Artists and Engineers, James certainly knows his business when it comes to perfect craftsmanship.

Fenix NTM® (NanoTech Alloy) has the role of a revolutionary product in the field of materials for interior design. The product is innovative, soft to the touch and anti-fingerprint with cutting-edge properties such as increased scratch resistance, low light reflection (excellent for visual comfort) and thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches. It is also highly resistant to acids, solvents and domestic cleaning products.

FENIX NTM® is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and technical performance.

For more visit Max On Top.


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