True Design’s Contemporary Italian Furniture

True Design’s collection comprises of fine contemporary Italian designs that are made from an array of interesting materials in bold and beautiful colours! Dune Tray Designer:  Mario Bellini for Kartell We would be very proud to serve food on this gorgeous semi-transparent material tray. The Dune Tray varies in chromatic intensity and luminosity with its internal sculpting, projecting a magical three-dimensional illusion. Like mountain streams, rivers of lava, fiery flames as well as other reflections of the natural world, these rainbow-coloured trays have been invented and designed to delight you with unexpected emotions. L C P Designer:  Maarten van Severe for Kartell This chaise longue is made from a single transparent methacrylate mould which then folds back onto itself so as to form a radically new innovative shape. This piece is fluid and pure while remaining sturdy. It is available in transparent crystal and pale blue. Jellies Salad Bowl Designer:  Patricia Urquiola for Kartell You will definitely want these cool bowls for your next family gathering! These bowls are made of transparent or mass-dyed thermoplastic technopolymer and are available in a variety of funky pastel colours. Revolving Cabinet Designer:  SHIRO KURAMATA for Cappellini What may look like a piece of modern art to some, this towering structure is, in fact, a chest of drawers! There are twenty drawers that revolve around a single, vertical metal support. The revolving cabinet makes use of red polish acrylic material. Peacock Designer:  Dror for Cappellini With a base made of metal and an upper constructed of crumpled sheets of felt, this armchair is sure to be a standout piece in any environment. The Peacock is available in mono-colour (green or blue) or dual-colour (green coupled with grey). Dual-colour felt can use grey colour on both the front side and the coloured surface.  


Shopping List:

1. Peacock

2. Dune Tray

3. Jellies Salad Bowls

4. L C P

5. Revolving Cabinet

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