True Design: Magic in the momentum

Ultimate commitment without any compromise to the principles of authentic design There’s a magic in the momentum of this week’s range of True Design pieces. All quite involved in the processes and leads that are colouring, each product is centred around it’s originality as well as its bordering retro individuality and nostalgia of pieces we have seen over the generations. We fell quite hard for two particular pieces in this collection. They both boast a quality of contemporary aesthetic that reminds us of its versatility in an amass of spaces. The Mobil, designed by Antonio Citterio with Oliver Löw, a strong design from Kartell, is a system of containers that simultaneously boasts agility, mobility, practicality, resistance and durability. Thanks to its design and the glamour of the colours available, it fits into any room in the home or office, lending itself to various types of use. Surfaces and drawers are available in three finishes: with a successful semi-transparent effect, opaque and glossy in the PMMA transparent version. The drawer, alternating with the upper surfaces and the top, is the system’s base element. Mobil can be a simple chest of two to six drawers with convenient handles. The possible configurations can rest on wheels or legs, making it suitable for use in different contexts: from the bedroom to the living room and bathroom, as a stereo stand, or in the study or office as desk drawers for office supplies and documents. We can imagine it working as an asset in the kitchen, foyer, bathroom and even bedroom. What a great piece of work. Another favourite from Kartell and designed by Ferruccio Laviani, The Toobe is great because it is available in both floor and table lamp versions. It was conceived from the idea of using a PMMA extruded tube, which creates a surprising smoked effect thanks to an innovative colouring technology. With simple and modern lines, Toobe diffuses a soft and warm light. It comes equipped with an energy-saving bulb that lasts up to ten times longer and consumes five times less energy than a conventional incandescent bulb. The handle in the lamp body makes the pole functional and easy to move, and we love the idea of its effects, both soft and approachable.

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