The lifestyle & lifespan of a bedroom, Why Diva Cucine?

For many of us, a design aesthetic is drawn from what we see scrolling through our plentiful online news feed, paging through a new seasonal magazine or the catalogue given to you from the retail chains you’ve visited looking for the ideal fittings. We’re aware that this is the easy route, but when it comes to turning your bedroom into an all consuming ardent space, think about the bigger picture and don’t go for easy access, go for a timeless partnership.


When it comes to bedroom design, the idea is to create a lifestyle, not just a look. This is why we acknowledge the value and understanding that Colombini Casa has for their customers: a deep concern for the comfort and peace for each patron. Finding the right bed for you is an investment. It needs not only to suit your taste, needs and requirements; it also needs to last and endure dust, dirt, pets and mistaken spills. When Colombini Casa visualised their bedroom range, they didn’t just see aesthetics, they saw them come to life. Some of our favourites available are the ‘Cosmopolitan’, the ‘Quadro’ and the ‘Cubano’. The Cosmopolitan has a metropolitan spirit. It’s structure features soft lines completed by an imposing headboard with a piping finish and buttons available in a colour that either matches or contrasts with the covering fabric. This bed is available in all finishes in the Febal padded range and also with a storage compartment. This design will easily transform your space from simple to minimal. It’s box-like construct charms you into wanting to get into it as soon as you see it and let the linen lather you like when you were kids and your parents came to tuck you in. The Quadro, has the makings of a true partnership with the room. With an alternative curved wooden headboard, to match its steady structure in the sides and legs, this piece is bolder, but ever so beautiful, that it takes centre stage in the bedroom, complimenting the other pieces, but alway standing out. The striking presence of the Cubano bed owes its presence to the curved and concave headboard, and what a succession this shape is for a contemporary approach to the bedroom. Through its simplicity, this element exudes a strong personality within its environment. Wanting to create the design of your bedroom for a lifetime? Visit Colombini Casa for all your visualisations brought to life.
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