Our Guide to Soft Seating In A Waiting Room

We all have to take a seat in a waiting room at some point in our lives. Whether we’re in an office reception or a doctor’s waiting room; waiting for an important business meeting or hanging around in your child’s school reception area. Waiting seems like a part of modern-day life but with some stylish intervention, waiting rooms no longer need to be those sterile and dull rooms we are so used to.

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Here’s how to pack a punch with some seriously stylish soft seating for any reception or waiting room.

Think Comfort

When you’re choosing seating for a waiting room, you need to think about who will be using it the most and offering your guest a comfy seat to wait and unwind. Soft seating is often best, so go for soft upholstered fabrics that will be a much more comfier fit!

Think Style

Choose reception seating based on the overall style of your office. Your waiting room is often the first point of contact your guests will have with your company, so be sure to think about your brand and choose furniture to communicate your company’s vision and style.

Think Durability

Reception seating may have to endure much wear and tear and frequent use by a variety of people. Go for quality and choose a durable finish and solid structure that will last longer.

Furniko was started in March 2003 as an extension to the company Seats Ahead – which allowed the brand to offer soft seating manufacture to compliment the Seats Ahead ranges. Reception seating and sofas could be sourced by customers from the same factory which was also able to supply a product that would stand up to the vigorous environment of the commercial workplace.

Take a look at the Furniko offerings below and choose reception seating to suit your style:


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