Terra! Grow your Own Furniture

spoga+gafa 2016 has introduced a great element called Terra! which will be showcased at the expo this year. Terra! is a grass armchair everybody can grow in their own garden.  As outdoor enthusiasts, we absolutely live for these kind of ideas.

The idea for Terra! comes from the designers at Studio Nucleo in Italy.  Presented at several fairs and exhibitions where thousands of the armchairs were sold, their path changed suddenly because it wasn’t sustainable anymore. This was until Studio Nucleo received a letter in which someone wanted a Terra! chair for their new garden. This rekindled their passion for this product and an updated version was developed.

The Terra! V2.0 is slightly smaller than the previous model, responds well to transport needs and comes together by using a laser cutting process.

A new way to look at garden furniture, Terra! is a framework design that buyers can take home with them. Made of cardboard, the frame has to be erected and filled with soil and the owner then has to maintain the new furniture by seeding and watering it. Overtime, the  armchair becomes overgrown with grass, and then becomes a part of the garden itself. This is such a novel idea, we applaud the thinkers behind it and cannot wait to see how people will start using these seats in their homes. This video shows how easy the installation of the product is. From 4 to 6 September 2016, the green industry will be meeting again in Cologne. Visit Terra! at Spoga+Gafa  and discover new products, exchange ideas meet people and conduct business.

Terra!: Grow Your Own Furniture – Photo: Twinpixelvideo.it

Visit them at spoga+gafa 2016

Contact: Studio Nucleo  


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