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Jan 9, 2017

Technogym: Corporate wellness centres

Technogym believes that the workplace, where people spend most of their time, is the ideal place to implement strategies to improve overall well-being. Instead of being withdrawn from wellness and an active lifestyle, why not opt for a well-managed, well equipped, onsite facility at work with a major discount.   

Technogym: Corporate wellness centres An onsite wellness centre for employees allows them to train at a convenient time and place at an affordable rate. When managed properly, internal wellness centres have the added benefit that they can have dedicated staff to create targeted programmes that cater for the specific outcomes for every individual person. Wellness programmes have sometimes been viewed as a nice extra, not a strategic imperative.

Newer evidence tells a different story. Healthy employees cost companies less and therefore a strategically designed investment in employees’ wellness and physical health pays off. Benefits for employers include lower costs, greater productivity and higher morale. Investing in wellness means investing directly in the company. Technogym in partnership with Activate Health, have developed a model with a proven track record for covering costs and delivering results.

They will assess the specific needs of a company and its staff, as well as the available space and budget, and will then do a feasibility study and prepare a business case to ensure cost coverage and long term sustainability of the centre. Looking for a looked after company that delivers sharper results and better productivity? Technogym will guide you in the right direction. performtechnogym

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