Spotlight: Wolkberg

Wolkberg is a team consisting of specialists & creatives. Led by Reando Potgieter and Graeme Bramley, these free spirited industrial designers believe in the possibility of a better today through design and architecture. They love taking a concept and turning it into a masterpiece, and they are passionate about innovation, pushing boundaries and daring to make the impossible, possible. For Wolkberg, there is no box. The creators of Limesite, their vision is to exceed expectations. They believe in authentic and well crafted work, offering an array of bespoke services to their clients such as industrial designed furniture pieces, surface designs and lighting – concept to manufacture, designs for commercial, retail and urban spaces – from concept to manufacture and colour development. They also work with inlays for your surface seams, in mould voids, mould design and prototyping.  

  Contact: Wolkberg


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