SHF: Sideboards

There is a selection of sideboards at SHF  that make us blush. We’re in awe of their artistry and craftsmanship; each piece has a sharp focus on detailing – it never goes unnoticed. In this selection, each look accommodates their personality for an owner’s unique taste and style. The Louvre sideboard could be maintained well in a minimalist beach house, while the Venice sideboard’s bold and sizeable spacing is open to a range in vintage, Scandinavian or contemporary looks in the home. The Belford sideboard needs a big room to breathe in as its stature is weighty and its grain compliments assets such as the flooring, ceilings and interiors. For a bolder and richer piece, the Admiral sideboard will work, and if you’re looking to keep it basic, as well as functional – the Agra sideboard looks like a great addition to the kitchen.

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