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Seats Ahead: Things to Consider When Choosing an Office Chair

The average person spends around 40 hours in an office every week. This usually amounts to a whole lot of time spent behind a computer, seated in an office chair. Our choice of an office chair and the impact it has on our wellbeing are important if we want to ensure long healthy lives. We need to take care of our bodies, because well, it is the only one we have been given. 

When choosing a chair, we need to think about the impact this will have on our day-to-day productivity, our longevity and the overall health of our bodies.


In recent years, many studies on ergonomics have shown that a supportive office chair increases productivity and maximizes the efficiency of the person sitting in it. A bad office chair, on the other hand, can lead to back strain, leg problems, and carpal tunnel, all of which cause lost time at work and in turn, send productivity spiraling.

What do you need to look for:

Lumbar Support: A good office chair will have support for the lower back with adjustable fittings to suit your individual needs. Good lumbar support is critical in preventing back strain that can worsen over time and cause chronic problems.

Adjustability: Almost all office chairs have a height and arm adjustments. This is crucial as it will help you find the perfect position for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Wheel and swivel base: This is important for mobility in your office space. You want to be able to move around – which will increase your functionality and productivity in the office.

Materials: Fabric should be comfortable, supportive and breathable. Ensure that you choose a chair that offers all of the above, plus durability. This will ensure that your chair last longer and will offer maximum support.


Seats Ahead specialises in the manufacture of a wide range of office chairs. The company is now housed in an approximately 10,000 SQ/M factory and after 20 years they boast a significant share of the total market in South Africa and in neighbouring countries. The company is driven by a combination of competitive pricing, quality products and service.

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