Seating trends you’ll love from La-Z-Boy

If you’re in the market for a new sofa or armchair, then it’s important to take into consideration the latest trends that are defining the furniture design scene. Claire Gibson from La-Z-Boy, the company that pioneered the way with the first reclining chair of its kind, offers an overview of what’s turning heads in today’s market when it comes to all things seating-related. Whether it’s a traditional reclining chair or the ultimate La-Z-Boy motion furniture suite, recliners are increasingly popular seating options for homes with young and old family members alike. “Motion furniture is an ideal fit for the whole family, from breast feeding mothers, to sports loving men, game-playing kids, and the elderly ageing gracefully,” notes Claire. Not only does La-Z-Boy’s perfected design and 18 reclining positions ease back and neck pain, but the three foot rest positions helps to take pressure off your legs, feet and ankles. Claire believes that green is the new black, and what better way to participate in this long-standing trend than by incorporating natural elements, such as wood, rattan and cane into your home furnishings. Light toned blond woods such as Oak are popular as they pay homage to nature but in a light, subtle and chic way, making it ideal for a modern home where lightness and openness are emphasised. In complete contrast to the natural elements and organic lines of the aforementioned trend, is that of highly structured seating with masculine appeal. Think sturdy upholstery such as black leather, finished with striking details in chrome or nickel, such as La-Z-Boy’s static Ascot sofa shown below. Although the traditional 3-2-1 lounge suite has been a mainstay of homes for decades, there is a very popular newcomer to the scene that has been taking the sofa world by storm for quite some time. – the corner sofa. Also referred to as the L-shaped sofa or modular sofa, this type of couch has risen in popularity over the years and in some circumstances, even replaced the traditional sofa in many people’s homes. Claire notes that traditional sofas were often sat upon in an upright position, normally facing the TV or fireplace – since everybody would be facing in the same direction, it would hinder the ability to chat to other family members or guests: “The corner sofa, such as La-Z-Boy’s Michigan corner suite, has solved this problem, as its design offers a more sociable and comfortable seating experience.”



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