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Jun 15, 2019

Roche Bobois: The 2019 Fall / Winter Collections

This season, Roche Bobois explores the true essence of forms. New creations play on curved and sharp lines to create sleek pieces and more elaborate ones. 

Design after design, the 2019 Fall-Winter collection unveils a series of lines, squares and polygons that echo the geometric shapes that structure interior spaces. It also embodies the stimulation of the creative mind by new digital capabilities, which allows new and complex forms to be developed.

Through this diversity, Roche Bobois brings to life a collection shaped and inspired by underlying geometries.


Designed in 1981 by Hans Hopfer, the Informel sofa with its fully foam structure originally
featured a ruched quilted duvet, embodying the 1980s trend of cosy comfort. A huge success at the time, it has now been updated for its return to the Roche Bobois catalogue by utilising a new elastic technical fabric and random tufts to accent its shape.

Curves of Elegance:

Whether naturally wavy or geometrically controlled, curves lend themselves beautifully to
one’s imagination. Inspired by the Art Deco period (the Merlin mirror, Paquebot vases) or a desire to explore new formal territories, such as the Serpentine table or the Speed Up bar unit, curves are eternal…

Triangular Formulations:

In love with triangles? The innate balance of its geometry captivates and brings to life hypnotizing motifs (Blue Losanges rug, Totem vases). The base of the Origami table is composed of 8 superimposed triangles. As for the Girasol table, Patrick de Glo de Besses designed it as a farandole of geometries: the 16 facets of its pyramidal skirt-like base result from the superposition of two square volumes, the 8 polygons of its marquetry
top wrap around an octagon, and the belt is composed of 32 triangles.

For Roche Bobois, comfort is about more than a physical experience, aesthetic also comes into play. Physical comfort is always key, with sofas designed for the well-being of those who curl up and get cosy (Temps Calme and Homepage sofas). However it is brought to another level by visual comfort when corners are rounded out to soften an interior (Roller sideboard, Silo cocktail table …).


Find out more about the latest collections online at Roche Bobois.

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