Ola 25 by Pininfarina – The Limited Edition

Snaidero and Pininfarina are two entrepreneurs who have explored the uniqueness of Italian Style worldwide. Their offer of inimitable “Made in Italy” style tries out new techniques and theories on a wider public with more evolved, contemporary and functional needs. Their intention is to take the technological know-how and background of Pininfarina and apply it to the “kitchen” space, offering a new slant to the traditional functions of domestic life. Ola, the first kitchen they designed together in 1990, was based on a project with a strong architectural impact, focusing attention on all domestic aspects with innovative technological solutions. 20 years of close collaboration have followed, during which they have created projects which have marked the history of kitchen design, both nationally and internationally, with such unforgettable kitchens as: “Viva”, “Idea”, “Acropolis”, “Venus”. The design features expressed by Pininfarina are truly distinctive, innovative and functional. Their approach to design is not about following trends, but rather anticipating them. In 2010, exactly 20 years after it first appeared, Snaidero decided to invest in Ola once again, a refined and elegant project, with precise and immediately recognisable features. They celebrate this anniversary through a homage to lovers of Excellent Design, by introducing the OLA 25, an even more exclusive and refined version, available in 84 unique components and dedicated to customers who love tailored style for their kitchen.  

Contact: Snaidero


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