Mud Studio’s Earthy Designs and Ceramics Impress

Mud Studio is about earthy and elegant designs in home decor. Here you will find award-winning home accessories such as an array of bespoke chandeliers from the owner’s rural empowerment clay-bead project. The exquisite ceramics on offer can now be found in designer stores across the globe. 

Located in a lush and narrow ravine, the studio overlooks the beautiful farmlands of the eastern Free State. Owners Werner and Philippa du Toit turned the once old and dilapidated mission station into a home resonating with their honest approach to life and design. With praise from Oprah Winfrey and interest from people such as Jamie Oliver, Mud is carving out a name for itself.

Due to the higher demand, pressure to mass produce has been rising. However, Mud Studios are committed to creating only handmade ceramics. The high unemployment figures in the area, give Mud a special opportunity to support the local community. More and more people can be trained for positions.

The Mud Chandelier in Anthracite (1) is a showstopper piece. A beautiful clay-bead work of art now available in three different sizes. Mud’s Beaded Stool (2) is another artistic creation that is both beautiful and versatile.
Detailed ceramics add to their full range of offerings with bespoke dinner sets that are rustic and creative. We love the Rose Dinner Set (3) in handmade stoneware, as well as the vibrant Peasant Dinner Set (5) with a story based on a war torn peasant community trying to recover after the destruction.

Attention to detail is paramount as can be seen in the delicate flowers on the hand-thrown Sponge Bowl (4) with roses around the rim. From dinnerware to kitchenware, bathroom accessories, lighting, furniture and more, Mud Studio offers a stunning range of items now available on their online store.

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  1. Your blog is very interesting. It’s so beautiful handmade ceramic interior! I would like to have it for accessories in my house. It’s a classic look. But if you play with additional colors may will be more beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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