Millers Antiques: New shipment of signature pieces

With a soft fondness and appreciation for the finer things in life, Millers Antiques have always put their consumers first, giving them the very best in signature and statement pieces, collaborating with the best in the industry, when it comes to textiles, upholstery and finishes. Throughout the year, they have shared beautifully made pieces with us, and they plan on setting us up for success this holiday season, as their new shipment for the last bit of 2016 is here and has made its way to their floor. There is a great collection of exquisite raw pieces waiting for your personal touch, so why not make your way to their showroom and see what catches your eye.  



Phone:  011 402 4757

Address: Millers Antiques is located at 62 Siemert Road, Doornfontein


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