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Sep 22, 2019

Metro Lifestyle: Is It Better To Replace Or Recover Old Furniture?

Is it better to toss out old and worn furniture, or invest in recovering those pieces that may need an upgrade? Here we share a few tips to help you decide for yourself.

Not all furniture is made equal. If your precious pieces have seen better days, then it time to think about either replacing or reupholstering these items. Consider the following top tips from lifestyle brand Metro Lifestyle, to help you decide what would be best.

Comfort and Style

Your prized couch or occasional chair may have seen better days. Before tossing it out, consider how comfortable it really is. Is the structure of your couch sound and is it super comfy? Then perhaps it would be best to keep it around and upholster it instead. This way, you know that in the end, your comfy couch will still be put to good use in your home. Comfort is important in helping you decide. The style and colour can always be changed, but comfort, not so much!

The contrary is true for uncomfortable pieces of furniture. If your couch is terribly uncomfortable and the structure is poor, then upholstery may not change these facts. It may be time to replace those uncomfortable sofas for new comfty ones!

Quality and Appeal

As mentioned above, not all furniture items are made equal. This means that some items can be poorly constructed with cheaper, less durable finishes. It may cost you more to upholster the item than the actual worth of the item itself. In this case, you may want to rather replace your furniture item.

However, if your couch has a solid base made from superior quality materials, then a simple change of upholstery of the outer finishes may be worth your while.

Sentimental Value

You may want to keep those family heirlooms that have sentimental value in your life. Older pieces that have added value are often worth keeping. They may just require a simple upgrade of new fabric or a fresh coat of paint. In this case, keep them around and embrace a simple refresh of these prized items.

Costing Issues

Before tossing or recovering a furniture item, consider the cost of the original piece versus the cost to recover it. Some items may not be worth the cost of reupholstering it. In this case, it may be a wiser investment to purchase new, higher-quality items for your home.

Remember, reupholstering an item may typically cost around 50 to 60% of the cost of replacing. Consider this first, before you make your overall decision.

Whatever you decide, be sure to consider all of the important factors first. Metro Lifestyle offers a range of homeware and accessories for the home. More so, they also offer a complete re-upholstery service to help you reinvent those pieces that need upgrading in your home. Contact them to help you bring your visions to life.

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