Maldini: The Pianca Home Collection

The Pianca Home collection is for people who really desire an overall look, rather than slotting pieces in as they find them. Honouring the aesthetic and design by navigating texture, space, tonality and colour hues, consumers will find that they can experiment with the final feel and look by adjusting it to their lifestyles. Pianca believes they have one true mission of industrial design and in the technical and aesthetic conception of products that can improve people’s lives. This is why they have chosen to reward the ideas of young talents, amongst whom tomorrow’s big names are to be found. Their design team combines creativity and advanced production technology to give modern, logical, elegant furniture systems that they succeed in presenting to the market at a very competitive price. This is the only way that the Pianca brand, known to their customers as unique and unmistakable, can remain constantly true to itself, the epitome of contemporary elegance. They use solvent-free water-based glossy lacquers, stone as a covering for furniture, honeycomb protective packaging, offering greater resistance to knocks and blows, and a shock-absorber system on all their drawers. Their path of innovation is used every day in the technology they choose and in their stylistic choices, exploring new trends without falling for passing fads, and always remaining faithful to the contemporary elegance that you the consumer have come to identify in Pianca.  

Contact: Maldini


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