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Maldini: Nash by Arketipo

When it comes to living room furniture, versatility is key to keeping things fresh and appealing. The latest Nash Sofa System by Arketipo is one such versatile and stylish offering, sure to bring a contemporary edge to any living space. Now available locally through agents Maldini.

Nash Sofa System

Nash is a futuristic looking sofa. Its dynamic and asymmetrical lines, with its smooth, squared and perfectly defined finishes, give it a vigorous and decisive tone.

Upholstered in superior leather, Nash is both durable and stylish. A great feature couch to suit a contemporary living space. Let this sofa take centre stage in your living room or entertainment area and serve as both a functional seating solution for your family and a luxurious item to add elegance to your abode.

Nash Sofa System

We love that this piece makes a strong statement of style. It is bold and dramatic and demands one’s attention with its modern shape and trendy look.

Style Nash in a beautifully modern environment with other futuristic-looking furniture items and decor, or keep your design scheme minimalist and let Nash become the focal point in your space.

Nash Sofa System

At Arketipo, fashion and craftsmanship blend to create extraordinary products such as Nash. Integration between tradition and modernity has made Florence the capital of fashion and good taste – and the home of Arketipo. Solid tradition, persistent curiosity and great skill in renovation enabled the company to follow the trends and to create unique and personalized products.

Moss – divano, design Giuseppe Viganò

Arketipo is in Florence, and it assumes its spirit and identifies itself with this area as it reinterprets its timeless values. Research, sensibility and curiosity are inspired by the Florentine tradition and textile manufacturing and create a modern style combined with heritage in a rich and lively way: this is Arketipo Firenze style.

You can now shop the look locally thanks to Maldini – agents of Arketipo in South Africa.

For more, visit Maldini.


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