Leonardo Tables By Design: A Stellar Range of Tray Tables

Modern tray tables are wonderful additions to the living room. With stylish tray tops for convenience and ease of use, Leonardo Design brings us a spectacular new collection of tray tables for the contemporary home.

Available in a variety of sizes and styles, these tray tables are both stylish and functional. Use them to house a collection of your favourite decor accents or keep it simple as a statement piece in the living room.

Nesting Tray Tables

Nesting tables are super useful in the home – group them together and pull apart as needed when additional side table storage is needed for entertaining. You can also group them together as a stylish coffee table alternative in the centre of a room. Nesting tray tables take it one step further with beautifully raised edges to keep things in place and in easy reach.

Decorative Tables

Leonardo is a leading South African producer and retailer of decorative tables. They work hand-in-hand with interior designers and architects to create and supply quality tables for hospitality and residential projects.

They have more than 25 years of experience in creating and manufacturing high-end metal-based tables ranging from the finely functional to the stylish showstopper.

While they have a stellar collection of standard tables, Leonardo Design can also adapt any of table designs to a particular fashion, material or colour scheme. In addition, they offer a bespoke service where they collaborate closely with clients and designers to create something truly unique and special.

For more visit Leonardo Design.



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