Kittinger furniture: Mandarin Tall chest of drawers

Eclectica Design & Art has a beautiful piece to boast about. This Mid Century Modern Kittinger Mandarin chest of drawers circa 1940s,  features three drawers with gold tone scroll pulls and a matching finish to the drawer fronts. The piece is elegant and subtle in its colour and finish and would complement a chic lounge suit or retro styled office or study, open plan hallway or even add a touch of 1940’s style glamour to a bedroom. The designers behind the chest of drawers, Kittinger Furniture is a family run brand that was established a year after peace between North and South America was declared, in 1866. The company was based in Buffalo, New York, where a paper factory opened by George and Oliver Colie soon expanded to manufacture upholstered furniture. The company was officially given its name when George Colie’s son-in-law, Irvine J. Kitttinger took over the running of business. The business went through various owners and differing managing styles from 1966, eventually leading to it’s closing for a few years, until 1996 when Ray and Karen Bialkowski managed to revive the iconic American brand. Their claim to fame comes from the 1969 redecoration of the White House’s West Wing under President Richard Nixon. It is even said that President Nixon paid for the installation of a 22.5 ft long table himself. Kittinger Furniture is known for its historically accurate recreations of 18th Century furniture styles and detailed and precise craftsmanship and continues to uphold its reputation today.

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