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Furniture Nov 30, 2021

House of Amica: How To Decorate With Ottomans

An ottoman is a simple, compact piece of furniture. And yet, it has the ability to add presence and function to a room. This small yet versatile item is the perfect addition to a stylish interior – be it in a bedroom or dressing room, a living room or an entertainment area. The options are endless and so we present a few stylish ways to decorate with the humble ottoman, brought to you by House of Amica.

House of Amica is a furniture design and manufacturing firm based in Brooklyn, Pretoria. Here you’ll find statement luxury pieces, as the brand offers a diverse range of perfectly tailored custom furnishings all of which are attentively and passionately handcrafted by House of Amica’s experienced craftsmen who leave no element forgotten.

Here are five ways to use an ottoman at home:

Use at the foot of your bed

Need a place to sit, tie your shoelaces, or just have a moment of peace? A foot-end ottoman provides the perfect solution. It’s also a great addition to a bedroom that lacks seating or space to place all your extra blankets or scatters at night. As an ottoman is a small and mobile furniture item, it can be moved around the room when needed. Top Tip: A beautifully upholstered ottoman can elevate your room and add a wonderful aesthetic quality to your bedroom.

Position it as a coffee table

A larger ottoman is the perfect size and height for use as a coffee table. It’s also a great way to add texture and colour to your living space. Top Tip: Style your coffee table ottoman with a tray and a few simple decor items to suit the season.

Use as a footstool

Long day at the office? Need a spot to unwind and kick back your legs? Place your ottoman below your favourite sofa or occasional chair and use it as a footstool. Top Tip: You will want to choose a smaller ottoman here. A compact ottoman will take up less room and be much easier to move around to your perfect spot.

Keep it as added seating

An ottoman or two in a living room can serve as additional seating when visitors come over.  Ottomans are small and mobile so will not limit your styling options. A beautiful, stylish ottoman can also become a statement piece in your room, so be sure to play around with the position and styling and allow it to add an elegant touch to your room. Top Tip: Incoporate ottomans into the overall design of your space and create a streamlined and sophisticated look.

Add one to a dressing room

Create a special spot to sit and admire your wares in the dressing room. An ottoman is a perfect choice here as it is smaller than other seating and can offer you the versatility you need in this space. Top Tip: Place a gorgeous round ottoman in the centre of your dressing room for added effect and create a beautiful focal point that doubles as a spot to sit while getting dressed.

Take good care of your ottoman and it will serve you well for years to come. Shop a beautiful selection of high-end ottomans in various finishes at House of Amica.



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