Homewood celebrates your right to furniture

This month, South Africans will once again celebrate Human Rights day. In light of this, Homewood is offering a 10% discount on custom-designed furniture. Within the brand’s straight-line design style, Homewood will gladly undertake custom-design work for architects, decorators and designers, and private homeowners, catering to your precise needs and dimensions. Below are a few of the custom-designs created for the occasion.

Baleka 5 door 5 drawer Butcher Trolley_Sideboard on castors - Kiaat - Smooth natural oiled.
Baleka 5 door trolley sideboard on castors (Kiaat. Smooth natural oiled). The 5-Door Butcher Trolley was one of two pieces commissioned for a private lodge in Drakensburg, but has since become a popular furniture piece for large homes.
.  Octagonal Custom Table in Teak. This unusual  Rhodesian Teak Table demonstrates the process Homewood follows from quotation conception sketch through to CAD production drawings and finally, to the finished item.
Semi-rustic custom trapezoidal leg and beam table.
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