Frank Böhm Studio to push boundaries at 100% Design

Frank Böhm Studio specialises in creating a variety of bespoke pieces, including an exquisite in-house furniture range. The driving force behind the highly successful design house is, of course, Frank Böhm; the talented designer who established the firm in 2008, primarily for architectural work. It has since developed into a design house producing inspirational pieces of furniture which reflect Frank’s own design language and African flair.

Frank’s unique language boasts quality engineering, scrupulous attention to detail and meticulous attention to the end product in every endeavour. As a designer, Frank refuses to mask the true nature of materials, embracing honesty to create objects that have a vision of realising already existent beauty.

Frank Bohm Studio15
chicken leg table
Frank Bohm Studio17
shown in sugar gum with jarrah legs
solid concrete beam with mild steel legs

Don’t miss Frank Böhm Studio at this year’s ‪#‎100DesignSA. Visit:



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