Frank Böhm presents the Necklace table

Frank Böhm has recently presented his new design- the necklace table. Inspired by the traditional African Necklaces and their concentric forms and layering, the table is formed out of solid timber and precisely put together to celebrate craftsmanship and show the beauty of the material through the various joints. The design is a combination of both solid timber and leather upholstery – two arts merged together as an exploration of traditional craft.

Frank Böhm, a German speaking Namibian that now resides in Cape Town, South Africa, is the architect and designer that drive’s the creative force behind the studio, consistently pushing the idea of ‘the craft revival’.

Frank Böhm Studio was established in 2008 primarily as an architectural firm, but in 2010 Frank’s passions lead him to develop his furniture range. The label now expresses a unique language in its buildings and furniture that represents, quality, scrupulous attention to detail and meticulous precision shown through a EuroAfrican design style.

Contact: Framk Bohm Studio


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