Frank Böhm: From a tree to a beautiful piece of furniture

We see Frank Böhm consistently pushing the idea ‘the art of making’. Frank Böhm Studio expresses a unique language in its buildings and furniture that represents, quality, scrupulous attention to detail and meticulous precision but never forgetting its African heritage, and here we detail the experience of making a beautiful piece of furniture from a tree to its final design.  Seasoning or drying of timber Drying the moisture out of a felled tree gives the timber its enhanced quality, this process is known as seasoning of timber. The moisture content refers to the weight of water in comparison to the actual wood substance within a piece of timber and is expressed as a percentage. Timber in coastal areas can be said to be cured at a moisture content of 12 – 15% in winter and around 7% in summer. Timber in air-conditioned and heated buildings should be cured below 10%. Understanding timber movement Seasoning of timber causes changes in the timber properties, improving the quality of the timber. A change in properties can cause the timber to shrink, crack and or warp, such as shrinkage, cracks or warping. Timber contains a variety of grains including ‘sloping’, ‘cross’ and ’curly’ which during drying. Shrinkage happens at different rates and in different directions. This variable shrinkage and variety of grain type can cause the timber to warp, twist, bow or cup. Benefits of seasoning or drying Hardness, weight, durability, finishing, gluing and resistance to insects attack. Cutting and planking Timber cutting can be done by plain, quarter or rift swan What is sustainable timber? Sustainable timber has been harvested responsibly. This happens when one tree is cut down to be used; another is planted to replace it. It also involves ensuring that there is no ecological damage to the surrounding environment, directly its native flora and fauna. How to select your piece of furniture? Simple design, detailing, construction, quality material, colour, silhouette and its lines, sustainable material and a design that never dates goes into the selection. Timber selection Each timber has unique characteristics, cost and qualities. Look out for American walnut, Ash, Jarrah, Wormy Chestnut and Padauk. Furniture Maintenance and Finishes Keep the finish simple, know your finish and remember that maintenance depends on the application applied. What affects your furniture? Excessive air conditioning, heaters, excessive direct sunlight and temperature fluctuation. Cost to Crafted Furniture A good sense of the benefits of local custom craftsmanship is relative to mass-produced goods. The materials, joinery sophistication, building quality, design overhead, volume of items and overhead costs per item are all valuable to the cost. The Value of Custom Furniture

  • Tailored to you
  • Focus on quality
  • Living sustainably
  • Supporting time-honoured skills
  • Bypassing global supply chains
  • Building an emotional connection


TOP:Sapwood and BOTTOM: Tube like cavities
Air Drying
Cutting and planking
Understanding timber movement
Contact: Frank Bohm Studio


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