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Decorating a room with different furniture styles, colours, and patterns is fashionable and fresh — but it can also be hard to pull it off, so we went on a furniture hunt at Place Direct. Their statement pieces are so easy to  mix into an interior, whether it be antique, modern or traditional design.  They are so chic and classical, but not chaotic … Place Direct is one of the leading suppliers of fine furniture in Africa. Their comprehensive collections consist of many different designs, providing eclectic, traditional and modern classical furniture and accessories to their clients. Place Direct has become eminent in its field renowned as a unique source embodying exclusivity, quality and unique designs. To them, quality is paramount and they aim for excellence in every single piece they choose to display. They strive for innovative designs and are proud to provide furniture to last lifetimes. At Place Direct you will find many different styles and possibilities. Whether you wish to create a Georgian drawing room or a French Provincial bedroom, whether you would like to be playful and add an Art Deco piece in conversation with 19th Century English armchairs, the range and choice is there. Every piece has a story just waiting to be shared.  


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