Energy saving made contemporary

Hoi P’loy, as seen at the Design Indaba 2015, recently launched its contemporary energy-saving version of the traditional Squirrel Cage light bulb. Improvement through experimentation is something that’s ever-present at Hoi P’loy. It is with great pleasure that we introduce the beautiful CFL bulb, based on the romantic styling of the brand’s classic Edison filament bulbs. Here are some points worth noting about the new bulbs: • They consume a minuscule 7.7 Watts of energy. • They last over 25000 hours (that’s almost 12 years at 6 hours a day ). • They’re dimmable (*with approved dimmers). • They emit a warm, romantic amber glow that remains unrivalled. This innovative globe poses as the perfect solution for those who are passionate about the environment but struggle to say goodbye to the nostalgic ambiance which traditional light bulbs create. No longer do home-owners and decorators have to compromise on atmosphere in the name of conservation. With a range of energy-efficient bulbs, Hoi P’loy makes it possible to save energy without sacrificing any decorative elements whatsoever. The brand’s new Vintage Light Strings look dazzling on patios and balconies, transforming spaces and creating a stand-alone feature that’s ideal for weddings and festive gatherings. Enjoy the perfect balance between light and dark, reminiscent of an authentic Tuscan villa, with this stunning array of lighting. Made from durable rubber and approved for outdoor use, Hoi P’loy’s String Lights are available in 3 different options: 8 sockets, 16 sockets and 24 sockets. The subtle aesthetic appeal of fabric-covered cable cord is something that the brand is highly passionate about, having explored new ways of showing off this special cabling. Now, Hoi P’loy has developed its own unique range of Cable Management fittings. The idea is that, with these minimal and modular fittings, creatives can now design “on the wall” installations that are tailor-made to fit a particular architectural space and style. Produced in Cape Town, these ground-breaking lighting solutions come with a solid brushed brass or stainless steel. These designs are extremely easy to install into any surface including brick, plaster, drywall or ceiling board.

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