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Increased demand by businesses for innovative office spaces which are conducive to collaboration and team work has seen a massive drive in the office furniture and design industries towards local manufacturing, designing and developing products to international standards.

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This is according to Ditulo Office Furniture Engineers CEO, Isla Galloway-Gaul who highlights that the workplace environment is changing as companies adopt a more holistic approach to doing business, with a focus on team integration and participation. She says, “While creative industries such as advertising have utilised collaborative spaces for team meetings and brainstorms for many years, the use of such collaborative and interactive spaces is now also gaining great traction within the corporate environment.” “Furniture plays an important role in this regard, not only do these spaces need to be comfortable and flexible but they also have to carry a high level of acoustics – keeping out disturbing office noises while allowing communication within the space to be projected clearly.” “We work with local architects and interior designers who have an exceptional understanding of the workplace today and working environments of the future,” Galloway-Gaul adds.
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Ditulo – whose shareholders include Bidvest and AloeCap – hosted a re-launch event at their offices in Hyde Park, Johannesburg on Thursday evening, 12 November 2015. The 30% Black-women owned company has experienced a significant turnaround in terms of culture, brand and performance over the last year, one year after Galloway-Gaul – who has 25 years of experience in the industry – stepped into the leadership role. Ditulo’s turnover increased by 124% in 2015 when compared to the previous financial year ending 31 June. Ditulo’s trading profit also increased by 327% over this period. AloeCap Shareholder and Ditulo board Director, Tulani Nzimakwe says, “Ditulo is well positioned to provide modern office solutions and meet our clients’ expectations. The management team is at the cutting edge of the latest trends in office furniture solutions.” Supplying brands such as Humanscale, Bene, Okamura and a host of locally manufactured products, Ditulo’s in-house team of eight have won contracts with some of South Africa’s largest corporations in a very competitive market. The small business has access to two of the largest office furniture factories in South Africa, both of which meet quality management standards, are ISO 2009 accredited and are part of the BidOffice Furniture group (which is owned by Bidvest). “Over the last year, we have turned Ditulo Office Furniture Engineers into a unique and profitable company with a focus on empowerment and meeting the needs of the modern day workplace, both of which are vital to growing people, skills and businesses,” Galloway-Gaul concludes.
Contact: www.ditulo.co.za


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