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Jun 21, 2016

Designer Vanity desk from Casarredo

My word, how designers have changed their perspective and structure when it comes to designer bedroom vanity desks.  No longer only used for the boudoir, dressing room and ladies’ lazy lounges, the new take on vanity desks can be styled in any room, with a classic traditional claim or a modern sophistication.  


City vanity/desk By Cantori

  The secretary desk and dressing table with framework made of open pore-texture oak is veneered with multilayer-wood. The brush-patination in contrasting tones is hand-made with cold-processed cone-shaped feet, laser-cut plates, brass welded and hand-rubbed. With pantograph-cut brass handles and electroplating bath finishing, and a minimum thickness of 25 cm. The beauty is in the balance, optimising functionality with two drawers per side and a spherical bearing runner, with an additional sit-on-top holder tray. How classy; how refined?  

Selene By Gallotti & Radice Design by: Pietro Russo

This vanity desk in white and black wood is contemporary and understated. With satin brass metal parts, a bevelled mirror with Nero Marquinia marble base and LED light, the design is a sure plot to create glamour in the home and its meticulous detailing keeps our eyes fixated on all its precisions.

Tama Secrétaire By Gallotti & Radice Design by: Carlo Colombo

This desk has a flap door in black lacquered ash with satin brass and satin brass lacquered aluminium details. Sizing out a 6mm bright liquorice painted tempered glass top and inside back, the rhomboidal engraved pattern on the inside glass back is striking and essential to the overall piece. In addition, the writing pad and small boxes are covered by Grey 058 suede. New and exclusive to Casarredo

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