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Aug 6, 2019

Create A Grand Entrance With Classic Revivals

We’ve all walked through the foyer of a five-star hotel and marvelled at the grandeur of the details captured in the entryway. Now you can create your own grand entrance and enjoy the pleasure of luxury living at home, with the help of Classic Revivals.

Here are a few tips to help you create the perfect grand entrance at home.

  1. Create a focal point. Use oversized art, colour or stylish furniture in the entrance to create a statement as you enter your home.
  2. Add a chandelier. Lighting is key to elevate any space, especially a grand entrance. The sparkle of a crystal chandelier is the perfect addition to a stately entrance to any home.
  3. Gorgeous seating. Invest in bold seating and create the perfect spot to stop and change your shoes or take off your jacket. A gorgeous chair is the ideal addition to an entryway.
  4. The perfect console. A vintage or classic console or side table will add to the luxury ambience of your entrance. Solid wood furniture is a favourite and will add warmth and style to any space.

Classic Revival: Collaboration Mariano Rossouw

Create a grand entrance with ease with some of our favourite items now available from Classic Revivals featured below:

Take a look at this striking entrance (featured below) by Mariano Rossouw. Founded in 2012 by Tony Mariano and Danie Rossouw, both are award winning interior design graduates from the KLC School of Design in Chelsea, London.

Passionate about creative and timeless design, they strive to optimise and personalise spaces that react seamlessly to the client’s lifestyle. Their design studio provides comprehensive interior design services to residential, hospitality and commercial clients’. It is also their mission to create coherent and curated designs that reflect client specific personality, history, brand, as well as the architecture of the project.

Classic Revival: Collaboration Mariano Rossouw

Working in collaboration with Classic Revivals, you too can create a timeless and classic interior design with superior furniture and vintage finds to bring class and charm to your home, and especially your entrance.

Classic Revival: Collaboration Mariano Rossouw

High ceilings, wall panelling, an ornate staircase railing, beautiful wallpaper, a stylish mirror and vintage side table all work together in this fascinating room to create the ultimate grand entrance!

Classic Revival: Collaboration Mariano Rossouw

Shop those heirloom furniture items and classic furniture for your home from Classic Revivals.

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