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Trend Alert: Indoor Hanging Chairs From Just Living

Over the past two years, our homes have become havens of comfort and solace from the outside world. We’re seeing comfort levels becoming a high priority and we’re in love with the latest trend featuring cosy indoor seating. Take a look at these beautiful hanging chairs for style and comfort at home, now available from Just Living.

Lounging about in an indoor hanging chair is certainly a treat. A great way to unwind after a busy day, or take a break reading your favourite novel. These beautiful seats are therefore a worthy investment. They can thus instantly uplift the mood of your room.

Take a look at some of our top options from Just Living…

The Big Basket Lounger

Need your own sacred spot to lounge about at home? The big basket lounger from Just Living is your best solution. This is like no other lounger on the market. In fact, it features a twig design with a gorgeous organic shape that creates the ultimate cosy feel. Furthermore, it is definitely not a cramped fit! On the contrary, the Big Basket Lounger is both spacious and comfortable with ample room to relax. Great for two people – but also perfect for sharing with kids and pets.

The Nest Egg

The Nest Egg hanging swing chair is another beauty – inspired by the organic forms found in bird nests and has a natural egg shape. Beautiful pattern details hint at the outdoors such as intertwined grass or leaves, dragonfly wings, cracked soil or natural textures. As the name suggests, you’ll feel safe and nurtured in the Nest Egg. It will subsequently embrace your whole body with its nest-like form. Furthermore, Nest Egg now comes with legs / base as an option that does not need to be suspended.

Hanging Lucky Bean

This hanging chair is inspired by the pods and vibrant red seeds of the Lucky Bean or Coral tree, Erythrina Lysistemon – a species of deciduous tree that is native to South Africa.

It’s a great chair to feel relaxed in and soothed by the soft motion, while bundled up comfortably.  Again, the natural design hints at an organic outdoor pattern. The pod-like structure is sure to offer added comfort as you sit back and experience a peaceful stay.

Hanging Leaf

The LEAF hanging swing chair is both fluid and organic. The chair is subsequently inspired by organic leaf shapes with its veins flowing out from the centre. Furthermore, it is simple and striking in its visual appeal. The chair has subsequently been designed for pleasure with a hugely relaxing ambience that will also support your body with its elegant form.

Each one is made by hand, and the core frame is standard to ensure consistency in shape and comfort. Due to the variance of craftsmanship going into each chair, every piece has individualism and uniqueness in some of the pattern detailing.

Bubble Furry Friend

Stylish and comfortable, this one if for your four-legged children. These pet beds are designed to accentuate your décor and style. Your furry friend also needs a cosy and fun place to snuggle in and feel loved. The Bubble Furry Friend is thus handmade in mild steal which is rust treated and will certainly add a contemporary and unique look to your space.

At Just Living you’ll find an entire platform that celebrates ethically sourced local brands which are perfect for your home.
They have partnered with some awesome manufacturers and craftsmen to bring us the best in homeware and furniture offerings such as these beautiful and trendy hanging chairs  – for modern, unique and comfy interiors.

Visit Just Living for more.



  1. talli pachter

    June 6, 2022

    Loooove this

    • Marcia Margolius


      June 6, 2022

      Thank you we love it as well …


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