Topolansky: Classic Ideas For Displaying Your Books

A room without books is like a body without a soul. Finding a home worthy of your precious books may be a challenge. However, we’re here to help with stunning ideas for displaying your prized possessions in true style, with help from Topolansky.

Creative book displays are all the rage at the moment. Create a perfectly styled library in your home and let it infuse your place with colour and vintage flair.

Here’s how you can achieve a great book display in your interior…

Invest in storage that double as a bookshelf. A place where you can house your decor items and prized novels and create a designer look in your living room. Match colours and books to your interior and you’ll instantly lift the colour palette and design scheme of your room.

Built in units are great but freestanding bookcases offer greater flexibility. You can move them around to find the perfect space in your interior, and you won’t lose out if you should move – simply pack up your prized books, shelving and all, and take these with you to your new abode.


Whether classic, vintage, industrial or modern, the right bookcase can certainly add to the overall appeal and flair of your home. It can become a worthy investment to your family – an heirloom that you pass down for many generations.

Topolansky offers a range of beautifully handcrafted furniture items to bring class home this season. Perfect as a space to house your books, they have a wide selection of shelving, consoles and storage units that could provide the perfect air of sophistication in your living room, and the care needed to cater for your book collections.

We love the feel of solid wood furniture and the same is true for a beautiful and elegant bookcase in solid wood. Wood brings with it a natural ambience of warmth and rich undertones that will certainly add to your interior.

Shop the look at Topolansky and find the perfect space to house your books:

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