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OKHA Presents The Tectra Coffee Table

Let’s explore the latest Tectra Coffee Table from OKHA. A beautiful organic piece that will certainly add depth to your interior scheme.

New coffee table Tectra contains three separate “Tectonic” plates that interlock and combine to create one organic form. Each of the three elements can be separated and float apart as they would in nature, allowing the design to capture and convey our ever shifting and mutating world.

“TECTRA explores the concept that everything from materials and ideas to anatomic elements are in a perpetual state of flux and that change is our only constant.” – Creative Director, Adam Court.

Being a metamorphic rock, marble is produced by other rock types forming interlocking crystals making it an ideal stone to represent the concept of change and transition.

“What appears as solid and static is often not, marble perfectly captures this paradox.”

Fluidity, force and fragments of time are all concepts reinforced by TECTRA and its three individual parts which combine like time pieces of a puzzle forming something larger than the sum of its parts.

OKHA is a small batch producer of bespoke furniture, lighting and objet d’art.
Our flagship store is in Cape Town with distributors in Los Angeles, London, New York and Miami.

Find these and other amazing furniture offerings now available from OKHA.


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