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HLF: 7 Tips To Style Your Coffee Table

Style your home like a professional with these top designer tips to make the most of your coffee table. And if you’re on the hunt for the perfect table to do the job well, then take a look at what’s on offer at HLF.

Style to the seasons

As seasons begin to change, you may want to make seasonal swaps in your interior decor. Autumn calls for warmer tones and rich materials. Pack away your summer decor and bring in vibrant autumn colours to style the perfect seasonal table.

Strike a balance

Avoid causing visual chaos with too much clutter on your table. Instead, create a harmonious design that feels more put together. You can do this by playing with the scale of the items on your table. Variation is key here.

Use height

Add some dimension to your table styling with items at different heights. A large vase can help to draw the eye up and create a visually stimulating look.

Add colour

Play with colour but don’t go wild. Stick to a colour scheme that suits the rest of the room. Muted colourways lend elegance to a room. If you do prefer brighter tones, opt for a single colour that can act as a pop of brightness to the room.

Texture is king

Style your table with an array of textures. This will add a wonderful aesthetic quality to your table. Opt for something from nature – fresh blooms, dried twigs or wooden decor. Mix it up with ceramics, books, glass, mirror and metal for a wonderful blend of modern materials and added texture.

Create a grid

Big tables are beautiful but you may not know where to start on your design. That’s why expert designers use the idea of a grid system. Simply tape off sections to form a grid and position objects within the squares. This helps compartmentalize your styling and makes the entire task less intimidating.

Group things in three

This is another secret designer tip. When styling a table, you can group things in three for a designer look. Three vases, or three stacked books. Whatever your choice, three is often better than two. And more impactful!


Tables are a wonderful way to experiment with your designer eye. But be sure to start off with a great base. Shop the ideal table from a full range of beautiful furniture now available at HLF.

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