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Furniture Jul 27, 2020

Comfort Creations: 3 Ways Your Sofa Layout Can Transform Your Living Room

Whether your home is cosy and on the smaller side, or large and spacious, the right couch layout can make all the difference. Here we share 3 ways different sofa layouts can impact the end result in your living room.

1. Large Open Plan Layouts

Corner or L-shape couches are the perfect way to up your seating potential in the living room. Better suited to large and open plan rooms, the corner couch often takes up more space than a more petite sofa variation. However, you will reap the rewards with one statement furniture piece that is often worth the investment.

In an open plan room, you have more leeway to position a corner couch away from the walls. Add a sofa end table behind the longest section of your corner sofa and allow the couch to anchor the room and divide your open living space into distinct zones.

In a long, rectangular or square room, it may be better suited to place your corner adjacent to two walls to maximise the floor space. Choose a bold coffee or side table to complement the look and you’ll have a winning combination in a stylish living room.

2. Smaller living spaces

In a smaller home or apartment, you could opt for an efficient yet functional layout using your sofas. Narrow couches and options that have no arms or low-arms may help the room feel less cluttered or closed in. The less bulkier sofa options are often your best bet in a smaller room.

Design your smaller living room with smaller furniture items such as a small side table, occassional chairs and a single couch for added space and flow.  You can anchor everything to a fireplace or TV console (slightly smaller than or the same width as your sofa) either facing the couch or off to the side.

3. The Formal Living Room

Formal living rooms have a layout that promotes conversation and comfort. Instead of having your sofa face a TV unit or console, in a formal living room, two couches often face one another, separated by a coffee table. This is a great way to keep guests focused on one another for more intimate conversations in this space.

Our top pick would be two identical sofas on either end of the room, facing inward. Round out the space with a narrow coffee table or upholstered ottoman for a touch of elegance. Add to the formal ambience of this space with tall side tables and table lamps for added illumination. An optional armchair or two will help you complete the room.

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