Classic Revivals: 3 Tips to Mixing Wood Tones In A Room

Wood is beautiful, timeless and versatile. When you’re decorating at home, you can’t go wrong with a fabulous mix of wooden tones to bring life and energy to every room. Here we share three simple ways to incorporate a mix of wood tones to your home.

  1. Consider the undertones

When you’re purchasing wooden furniture for your home, it’s perfectly fine to veer away from picking out matchy-matchy items in the same shades. On the contrary, you can add interest by considering the various undertones of your wooden selections and choosing complementary tones that will do well to provide interest and appeal in your space.

2. Decide on a common thread

Although the undertones and shades may be different yet complementary, be sure to create some sort of connection between your wooden items by ensuring that you choose pieces with a common element and style. Decide upfront what sort of look you are hoping to achieve and choose your furniture accordingly i.e period, modern, boho, classic and more!

3. Scatter your choice of finishes in the space

When you are decorating with different wooden tones, be careful about their placement in the space and their proximity to each other. Create balance with a beautiful mix of tones throughout your room. This will add to the designer look of your space.

Spotlight: Classic Revivals

The team behind Classic Revivals are respected and renowned for their skilled craftsmen that have been trained by the Rech family over the past fifty-seven years. They are “The Rech Family” and are an integral part of its unique success. These craftsmen, as a result of years of training and constant empowerment, have the confidence and design skill to interpret timeless classical or modern designs from a picture or a rough sketch of an idea into beautifully functional and timeless wooden furniture.

At the same time they ensure the authenticity of that particular period, whether it is modern or of period, while satisfying the function of that piece to fit a modern lifestyle. All pieces created in this way will be unique and individual to you and your requirements.

Classic Revivals brings us a range of beautiful crafted wooden furniture that celebrates the true beauty of wood. The Georgian Linen Press (1), for example, is a solid framed mahogany cupboard with veneered crotch paneling and solid brass handles. With traditional details such as the dentil molding on the top cornice, this piece is as timeless as it is functional. Custom options include Cocktail or TV Cabinets (5).

The Taj Screen (2) is another beautiful mahogany offering. This three panelled screen has upholstered inserts and moorish trellis detail to the top.

The Double X-Chair (3) is made in solid wood with fixed upholstered seat, carved wooden back with criss-cross detail and tapered legs; while the Empire X-Stool (4), also made in solid wood, boasts readed handles and an upholstered seat.

The Chippendale Wingback (6) is a fully upholstered armchair with Chippendale style squired legs and a loose seat cushion, made in solid wood.

The Biedemeier Round Coffee Table (7) is made in mahogany with three Neo classic tapered columns on a central base. This table works perfectly with the Biedermeier range of hall, side and sofa tables.


For more visit Classic Revivals.


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