Casarredo: Hammock Chair

Furniture designs such as the Hammock Chair by Umberto Asnago reminds us to take life at a slower pace and really be present in everything we experience. There’s no need to rush anything when a chair holds you in all the right places, which is exactly the sentiment and construct behind the Hammock chair. When we test drove the swing, we felt like we were swimming in our very own cocoon – a private space made to relieve the body of its urgent responsibilities and really allow us time to find a place where ideas are sprouted and our interests take flight. This chair makes for a perfect reading nook or comfortable hideaway when you’re craving alone time. Let it recharge your body and mind as it takes you in and softens you from the day. You can use the Hammock Chair inside or outside. It can either be hung from the roof by its metal chain or it comes with a black metal hanging stand, so it has the potential to move from space to space. Available from Casarredo in bronze and satinized nickel, really let your day begin or end in the way you want it: lounging around and swinging with your thoughts.


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