Beautiful kitchen bar stools

Nowadays, entertaining guests at home often means congregating in the kitchen. Our social lifestyles call for interactivity, intimacy and flexibility; so why not design your kitchen accordingly? Maximise the openness of your home with floating island counters surrounded by signature bar stools. The right kitchen bar stools can transform your kitchen into an inviting sitting area that opens up onto the rest of your interior space. Select a bar stool that blends in and compliments the room’s other furnishings. Alternatively, add a pop of contrast to liven up the space with a bright burst of colour or an eye-catching material. From sleek back-less bar stools in contemporary styles to bulky wooden designs for a more rustic country feel, the choice is yours. Cushioned seats are great for adding a little extra comfort and a sense of luxury while minimalist themed homes might call for something more understated. You could also opt for an eclectic end result by mixing and matching different colour bar stools of your choice.

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