Be Savvy with your Space

Here is the 411 on how to save and create space whilst decorating your home from Simpli Decor. They have got it just right!

  Mix Low and Tall Furniture In any small space, it’s important to not feel boxed in. A low credenza is a smart substitute for the obligatory tall bookshelf, which would have closed off the space. It’s very effective to keep things low and punctuate with verticals here and there. Dare to Be Dramatic Small spaces are perfect for bold decorating because they require less time, money, and materials. In small, modern apartments you have to create dramatic moments that offset the lack of detail — but don’t hog the space. Bold, graphic gestures look cool in small spaces! Choose Side Chairs Chairs without arms are perfect for small spaces because they’re much easier to get in and out of. They’re also more lightweight. They can effortlessly be moved around the room to wherever they’re needed.  
  Create Distinct Zones If a space in monotone, it’s going to feel like one undefined space; if you create distinctions in the space, it feels larger. Divide up the space by function. A rug sets off the lounge area while the ceiling detail helps to define the dining area. Hang Curtains at the Ceiling Vertical lines help create the illusion of height. By hanging curtains directly underneath the ceilng the apartment’s low ceilings seem higher and the whole space feel airier.  
  Be savvy with storage  When it comes to small spaces, smart storage is key. The Vancouver condo shown above has extra seating hanging on the wall in the hallway. Whether it’s doing something similar or installing cubbies beneath the bed, make sure you’re being creative with storage space.

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