Artistic Collection of furniture

Edra is the meeting point of modern technology and artistic tradition. The production is a combination of inventive talent, sophisticated manual skills, research about materials and innovative technologies. These products are so well-crafted, unique and unmistakable, and can adapt to many different environments, traditional or contemporary homes, public spaces and museums around the world. 

  Ella chair Design by: Jacopo Foggini Chair with armrests, entirely handmade in polycarbonate. It is supported by a pedestal that allows rotation. The stem is black. The petals of transparent and soft hues mix green and blue. Each chair of the Jacopo Foggini Collection is a sculpture unlike any other. Back height, width, shape, “dust and imperfections”, colour and distribution of matter, and the fact that it is shaped by hand, make each piece unique and precious. Each chair has its own character, elegant and unique.
Standard sofa Design by: Francesco Binfaré Malleable and adaptable to the users’ desires. It is a soft embrace but also allows movement. The key element is a “smart pillow “that acts as a backrest and armrest, adjustable at will. It allows total freedom of positions: symmetrical, asymmetrical, formal, informal, for reading or tablet consulting. The strong but supple back and the soft silhouette enhance the elegance of this upholstered sofa, which looks equally nice from the back as from the front. Each pillow of the backrest and the armrests are individually adjustable and reclining in every direction, with fluid movements that allow the discovery of new thresholds of comfort. A possibility offered by the joints, which are a real jewel of engineering and comfort. The various components of the system are fastened together by an element of rigid polyurethane, which engages the pins of the different seats: an elementary joint that simplifies the operations of moving, cleaning, and changing position.
Carpriccio table Designed by: Jacopo Foggini Inspired by the dynamics of musical movement, Capriccio has a unique and irregular shape. Crystal and metal tubes are the materials used to create this unique table. The structure is formed by the interlocking of two systems of metal tubing curved only by manual instruments that support the glass table top. The two systems of twisted metal give rise to a unique conformation with a free form spiral that passes beyond the top and arises above it. The top lets you see the structure, the protagonist of this unique composition.
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