AngelShack introduces igloo workspace

As the new year approaches, so too does our mindset about our working spaces. No longer do we want to be confined to cubicles with borders that don’t allow us to connect to our colleagues, but instead, embrace the space and environment we work in. This is why we love AngelShack’s 3rdBase Igloo range. It is designed for today’s modern workspace by providing cool and simple, cost effective break-away solutions for the open-plan office environment. Get that out-of-office experience without having to book a private room or construct and build these much-needed private spaces. Made of light-weight panels, the Igloo is covered in an acoustic fabric and is easy to build in a matter of minutes. Thanks to its bonding magnetic strips, the workforce can customise their space according to their personal needs and requirements. AngelShack products are produced locally and are available nationwide at Inspiration Office, which is even more exciting as we get to support local businesses.  


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