A+I designs bring out their range of Statement makers

Make a statement with these must haves pieces from A+I unlimited incorporate. Choose from a selection of stand-out statement piece to surprise, delight and make a big impact on an interiors.   We have an eye on these pieces of furniture that we absolutely love which make for great additions to any home or office space. 


Shopping List AfriItaly

1. Blur

Designer: Marc Thorpe Brand: Moroso

Description: Flame- retardant polyurethane foam over internal structure wood. The covering is a technical elastic fabric, with Jaquared processing for colour grading. The textile project is also done by M. Thorpe

2. Doodle

Designer: Front Brand: Moroso

Description: The Sofa design takes its shape from a folded blanket. The seat is delicate, deep in thought, the armrests are soft, and the sofa is welcoming. The quilting on the upholstery follows the lines of the doodle making it three- dimensional. It is a welcoming thought, a daydream. With a steel frame, elastic webbing and fire resistant cold cure foam and a coated steel feet Polypropylene glides, this design makes for a strong presence.

3. Oval Table

Designer: Tord Boontje

Brand: Moroso

Description: Base in steel powder coated black high gloss or white mat. Table top is in tempered glass with black serigraph pattern or in Corian, which is white with a pattern in sublimed ink.

4. Candy Shelf

Designer: Sylvain Willenz

Brand: Capellini

Description: An evolution of end tables, Candy Shelf takes advantage of the potential of the steel bars used in reinforced concrete structures, giving the bars a new, seductive identity by transforming them into decorative elements. This bookcase, with a clear nod to furniture of the 1960s is available in two sizes, with five fixed- colour pairings for the panels and structures ( blue, green, white, red and black). The portioning is made of natural wood.

5. Saula Marina

Designer: Javier Mariscal Brand: Moroso

Description: Mariscal’s visual heritage is drawn from the world of comic books, which he freely admits to drawing inspiration from Alessandra, Eulalia Perez, Saula Marina, and seems to have stepped out of the pages of some underground comic, with which they share the same irony bordering on sarcasm, and a playful approach to contemporary life. Anticonformist liberation and post-modern: Mariscal designs the storyboard for a tate told from the perspective of a teenager, where experience always comes before meaning. The desire for roundness overlapping and amorous coupling of bodies and forms, release the pieces from the normal passing of time into another place, a world which is also our own. The frame is structured in wood and upholstered with stress-resistant polyurethane foam with differentiated densities. The feet are screwed to the frame, in natural beech or black, with no removable covers.


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