A chair affair

If you’re a stickler for comfort, quality and style, you’ll love our top 5 selection of must-have chairs. There is a chair for even the most discerning buyer at Guideline Manufacturing; a company which combines contemporary design with over twenty years of experience in furniture manufacture and German master craftsmanship. Cutting edge technology is used to create these superior quality pieces including 3D computer engineering programs and CNC machinery. Components are shaped with maximum accuracy and minimal waste as to conform to the highest international standards still using classic joinery methods such as “mortise and tenon” joints. The result is a classic contemporary furniture collection which speaks of tradition and clean-lined modernism.


Shopping guide:

  1. Tulip Chair
  2. Berta Lounge Chair
  3. One & Only Lounge Chair
  4. Parisienne Chair
  5. Alfred Chair

Visit: www.guidelineMNF.co.za



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