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Mobelli: Well Designed Outdoor Spaces

From fabric selection to furniture placement, Alon Sachs gives his advice for creating a welcoming designed outdoor space, using Mobelli Furniture.

  1. Patio umbrellas: Mobelli has a range of umbrellas to cover you that are easy to operate (open and close) (one touch, barca queen and powerbrellas). This is probably the most important safety aspect for your health. You really do not want to over expose your self to the UV rays in SA.
  2. Outdoor furniture: aside from being utalitarians, they also serve as a major décor statement. Status and taste are reflected in the furniture outside and most importantly – if you live in a house, do not have your furniture covered. You may have clean long lasting furniture, but you will never use them, plus your patio will look ugly.
  3. Outdoor dining: the outdoor space signifies a lifestyle choice – it needs to look good and never be cluttered. If space is at a premium, choose an outdoor dining solution first. The chairs should be comfortable enough to sit on for hours. You’d be surprised how a chair that has been designed with the wrong back angle will make you turn in your seat. The end result is that you will not sit outside for long. Taking a table that can convert to a lounge suite is even better which is exactly what the cubic table does. When not used, the chairs integrate under the table to form a cube. Pull four tub chairs and the ottomans built into them to create a comfortable lounge or an eight seater dining table
  4. Outdoor table: When space is available, do not clutter the patio with unnecessary furniture. Remember that the perfect patio needs a table (preferably an extendable one) that can look great when not used and when used with the immediate family and that can extend when all your friends and their friends come over for a braai. Then, you always need a great lounge suite. One that you can lie on on your own on a lazy Sunday or chill with your partner with a cup of coffee or a class of wine after a hard day at the office. But, when your mates come in, it should serve as a social hub. An L shape couch is available on most Mobelli collections now days.
  5. Outdoor heating: you will want to entertain in winter and cool summer nights too and you should have a brilliant heater that is simple to use and is easy on the eye. The Falo evo will emit a nice warm radiance onto the room and with the visible central flame will induce a feeling of camp days when you used to lie around the fire – an urban campfire if you will.


Shopping List: Left to Right Top To Bottom: Piazza Collection, Falo evo,, Bali Dreams, Mediterranean table , PowerBrella, xanadu arm chair


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