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The innovative sit-stand solution

DeskStand is a product design company, located in Woodstock, Cape Town, at the Old Biscuit Mill. The company is founded by Ryan Roberts, creative genius and designer behind the nifty standing desks which boasts the freedom of adjustment. DeskStand allows users to work while standing up or sitting down thereby creating healthy, affordable and adjustable workstations. These innovative solutions help workers to maintain a higher level of efficiency and focus for hours, and are by far the most ergonomic standing desk on the market. Every company should follow suit in light of this trend as statistics show that better productivity is linked to comfortable employees. DeskStand doesn’t just get you onto your feet, it helps improve your posture, relief of back pain, strengthening your leg muscles, and allowing you to stay focused for longer. Other health benefits brought on by standing while you work includes a loss of up to 200 calories per day. In fact, DeskStand is changing the way we choose to work so much that it is now endorsed by Chiropractors. Flat packed for easy assembly and shipping, the adjustable wooden DeskStand is as easy on the eye as it is on the pocket. The brand was recently featured on a number of high-profile online blogs and magazines, not to mention on the morning Expresso Show. Having exhibited at the Design Indaba Festival 2015, DeskStand is fast becoming one of the most talked about pieces of office furniture on the contemporary market. Desk Stand1 Visit: Inspire Trade Expo 2015 Register your brand or business for Inspire Trade Expo here.

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